SPRINGFIELD – Illinois State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) issued the following statement regarding the College of DuPage trustees’ decision to give the college president a $762,000 bonus to quit early.

“As a local taxpayer I’m offended. As a lawmaker I’m outraged. The college’s priority should be educating students, not handing out golden parachutes. I don’t know how this college can come to Springfield and ask for state tax dollars or turn to DuPage County residents for local tax dollars given this disregard for public resources.”

Cullerton is working on legislation in response. Proposals he plans to file in the Illinois Senate would:

-- Prohibit the school from naming a building or program after the outgoing president if public resources are used to support that building or program.

-- Restrict public entities’ ability to include buyout provisions in management contracts and force disclosure of such provisions.

In addition, Cullerton will demand that College of DuPage officials explain their actions to the Senate Appropriations Committee, which oversees higher education budgeting. Cullerton is a member of that committee.