CHICAGO – Governor Pat Quinn today declared a state of emergency as state agencies prepared to provide assistance to local governments throughout the northern half of Illinois dealing with severe river and flash flooding. The state of emergency ensures that state resources are activated and that the federal government is aware that a disaster declaration is likely. It also allows the state to request resources as needed, such as personnel and equipment. State and local emergency personnel have been on the ground in hardest hit areas since early this morning.

The Illinois Department of Transportation is ensuring public safety through road closures, message boards and other road-closure assistance to affected communities.
For flood safety information and real-time updates please visit, and for traffic updates please visit
The State Incident Response Center (SIRC) is active and is coordinating the state’s response to the floods.


IDOT Response On Roadways Overall

IDOT response to each individual road closure varies depending on circumstances. We are continually gathering detailed information for each district. IDOT’s typical response may include traffic control using our trucks or barricades, re-routing traffic using detours, roadway debris removal such as tree limbs, clearing drainage structures to promote water flow, and in some locations, pumping water from one ditch to another to alleviate flooding and the road closure. IDOT crews are assisting with roadway crashes by providing traffic control as well. IDOT has not received any requests to provide sandbags, sand, or hauling material from IEMA.

Local conditions can change rapidly during such events.  Motorists, especially on city streets and county/township roads, should be on the lookout for debris or flash flooding due to overloaded drainage systems. The following are state routes affected by the weather and flooding – problems mainly are occurring in the northern two-thirds of the state.

DISTRICT 1 (Chicago-area plus Collar Counties)

5) Bishop Ford expressway at 138th st and Beaubian Woods
6) EB I-147th Street to the Dan Ryan.
9) SW Hwy IL-7, 131st-135th streets.
10) 143rd at Will Cook Rd.
11) Wolf Rd between 143rd and 151st  street.
14) IL-132 between 1st ave and O'Plaine ave.
16) Governors Hwy at 216th street
17) Woods Ave at 138th street
20) 25th ave at Cermak Rd.
21) SB Mannheim between St. Charles and Butterfield
22) First Ave between Forest and and Ogden
24) Roosevelt Rd between Westchester and Wolf Rd
25) US-6 between 187th street and Will Cook Rd.
26) New Ave between 135th and 127th street.
27) IL-56 west of IL-59 at EJE Railroad
29) Ogden Ave at 34th street.
31) IL-1 at Union Ave.
34) RT-50 at Manhattan Monee Rd
39) Central Deerlove ave to East River
43) North Ave at I-290
46) Lawrence River at Mannheim
47) Irving Park River at Mannheim
48) River Rd to Belmont to 5th Ave.
50) RT-20 Greenbrook in Hanover Park
52) IL-137 83rd to Casey Ave
53) 95th and Stony Island closed.
54) Exit Ramps from I-290 EB to Mannheim NB/SB.
55) NB/SB Mannheim Ramps to I-290 EB
56) I-55 SB exit to Harlem NB
57) I-90 NB at Edens split closed.
58) I-94 SB from Toughy to I-90
59) I-94 SB at Dempster
60) I-94 NB/SB at Pratt water is 7 feet deep/ and at Elston 2.5 feet deep
61) I-290 at I-355 closed due to flooding.
62) Bishop Ford at 130th street closed.
63) Stony Island south of 95th street.
64) I-290 at EB IL-83 and WB at Eastbound St. Charles Exit.
65) I-94 NB at Kennedy Jct and SB at Dempster Ave.
66) RT-30 between 135th and 143rd street.
67) IL 53 Park Blvd to US 56
69) Mannheim Rd between 64-20th streets
70) 135th street between Ridgeland and Harlem
71) Wolf Ave between 167th street and US-6
72) 107th street between LaGrange and Kean Rd.
73) 26th ave between Euclid and Western Ave.
75) IL-64 between Harlem and Betrau.
76) IL-53 Park Blvd to Us-56.
77) EB at 147th street to Dan Ryan.
78) US-41 at IL-176.

79) 26th between Euclid and Western.

80) IL-59 from North Aurora to Quincy.

81) I-55 SB,  South of I-80 to IL-6.

All of Illinois Tollway roadways are open at this time, including the Tri-State Tollway (I-94/I-294/I-80), the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway (I-90), the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) and the Veterans Memorial Tollway (I-355). However, lanes may be reduced in some areas due to localized flooding, particularly during heavy rainfall. In addition, some entrance and exit ramps may be closed due to local road and area expressway closures.

From RTA – Metra delays:
• No cancellations thus far except train 1215 noted below, but all lines are experiencing delays—specific examples are as follows:
• Metra Electric District stations have high standing water, but trains are operating
• UP North Line #113 – 105-115 minute delay; train 310 45-50 minute delays; train 607 60-65 minute delay
• All trains on BNSF 50-70 minute delays; train 1226  80-minute delay; train 1221 40-minute delay; train 1215 outbound will not operate today
• UP outbound West Line #15 – 75 minute delay

CTA:  As requested, the following is the current status of CTA bus and rail operations:

Rail Service:      

Bus Service:                      
As of 4 p.m. Thursday, the following 12 bus routes were undergoing temporary detours due to flooded viaducts and/or streets:
#J14  Jeffery Jump #52A South Kedzie #90 Harlem
#15 Jeffery Local #55 Garfield #92 Foster
#28 Stony Island #67 67th/69th/71st  #94 South California
#47 47th  #78 Montrose #106 East 103rd

Blue Line service has resumed after earlier closing. 

PACE:  PACE buses are experiencing delays throughout the system with the heaviest delays in West Cook, South Cook and DuPage.  Buses are detouring around the Des Plaines River in some areas of NW Cook.  All other Pace routes are operating, albeit with delays.

All passenger trains were running late on Thursday due to the extreme conditions (High winds, Flooding).  Slow orders have been issued.

COL Mark Deschenes, Commander with the US Army Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, has confirmed to IDOT that the following Locks and Dams have been closed due to extensive highwater levels:
• Lock 20,              Mississippi River, Adams County, IDOT Dist 6
• T.J. O’Brien        Calumet River, Chicago, IDOT Dist 1
• Starved Rock     Illinois River, North Utica, IDOT Dist 3
The USACE will make every effort to maintain safe navigation when water levels eventually recede.  However, it is expected there will be more closures until this occurs.

St. Louis Downtown Airport (CPS) in Cahokia, IL
The drainage ditches are full and flowing, but no flooding issues are expected at CPS.

St. Louis Downtown Heliport (MO7) in St. Louis, MO is expected to lose land access due to expected high Mississippi River levels sometime Saturday evening due to water over the gangway.  Water is forecast to be over the gangway for 7-10 days.  During that time, we will NOTAM (Notice To Airman) the heliport closed to all but emergency traffic.  (Emergency response forces could still get on and off the heliport by boat.)

Chicago Executive Airport – Wheeling/Prospect Hts.
(At 3:45 p.m.) Due to the rising level of the Des Plaines River, the City of Prospect Heights will be closing the flood gates on Milwaukee Avenue at the Palatine Road underpass within the next few hours.

This will have a definite impact on the Chicago Executive Airport as it is immediately upstream (north and west) from the flood gates, which means water accumulated on the airport will remain on the airport until the gates are reopened.

From earlier updates:
At 2:45 p.m., the airport manager reports:  “It looks as though the [Des Plaines] River may rise another 2 to 3 feet.  The Lincolnshire river data is predicting the river to rise from 15.78’ at 12:45 p.m. to 18’ around 1:00 a.m. tonight.  The Des Plaines river data shows the river at 9.6  at 13:45 and is expected to rise to 11.5’ late tomorrow morning.  The record was 10.9’.

It won’t take much more water until the other two runways [Runway 12/30 and Main Runway 16/34] are impacted.  We’ve secured all of the runway/taxiway lights except for Runway 16/34. 
Runway 6-24 at Chicago Executive Airport at Wheeling/Prospect Hts. (10 mi. north of O’Hare) is closed due to flooding  but the main runway used by corporate users (runway 16-34) and the airport itself remain open.

At 11 a.m. -- Runway 6/24 has been closed due to flooding.  The water is getting near the pavement edge at Kilo 2.  The water level is about 4-5 inches from impacting the ASOS and Glide Slope System.  If the water reaches these two areas airport will lose its automated weather system (ASOS) and Instrument Landing System (ILS). 
Runway 12/30 and 16/34 should be OK unless we reach the 100 year flood event levels.
General Information from Division of Aeronautics:

Airport pavements are typically designed to withstand the 100 year flood levels and as such are rarely impacted by heavy rains.  Typically, roadways to/from airports will experience flooding prior to the airport itself being flooded.  Currently, no publicly owned airports in the state of Illinois are reporting runway/taxiway closures as a result of flooding.  Major weather events may impact the national airspace system resulting in delays and/or cancellations. This is usually not due to flooding but rather the weather system itself. There are some isolated weather-related delays at this time.  However, as weather events move through the area, planes are released to fly.  Flights from and to O’Hare and Midway are typically delayed during heavy weather. 
DISTRICT 2 (North-Central and Northwest IL)
3) US-150 Between IL-81 south to Ophiem Rd.
4) IL-84 Between US-6 and Colona in Henry Cnty
DISTRICT 3 (Northeast and North Central, south and west of Chicagoland)
IDOT Update for D-3 Illinois River Bridge Crossings at 4 p.m.:

Based on NWS Illinois River forecast for LaSalle we are anticipating that we soon will be closing the following highways that cross the Illinois River:

IL Rte. 89
IL Rte. 251
IL Rte. 351
IL Rte. 178

Possibly IL Rte. 170 in Seneca as well.

This will leave I-180, I-39 and IL Rte 23 as the only way to cross the Illinois River for a roughly 30-mile stretch.


1) US-34 near Mendota at the LaSalle county line closed due to flooding.
3) IL-17 at Long Point Rd closed due to flooding.
4) IL-25 at Boulder Hill Pass in Kendall Cnty closed.
8) IL-178 through Starve Rock Park closed.
10) I-26 south of I-180 ramps closed due to flooding (NB open).
12) IL-23 north of US-34 & just south of Cnty line Rd is closed due to flooding.
13) IL-17 @ BNSF RR viaduct south of Streator
16) IL-25 @ Glendale and Fernwood
19) US-52 from IL-47 to Ridge Rd.
21) US-45 at 11000N, water on pavement N/B traffic is closed and detoured at 9000N.

22) US 6 @ IL 178 LaSalle Co closed

23) IL 71 @ IL 178 LaSalle Co closed

24) E 8th Ave @ US 6 LaSalle Co closed

25) Old US 45 in Iroquois Co between CR 3100 & 3200 closed

DISTRICT 4 (North Central IL)

8) IL-8 Between Kickapoo Edwards Ave to Hines Lane in Peoria Cnty
9) IL-8 east of I-74 in Peoria Cnty
13) US-67 south of Macomb in McDonough Cnty
17) RT-67 @ Camp Creek Rd in Henderson Cnty closed 3 miles north of Indusrty.
20) Keithsburg Rd south of IL-17.
21) IL-116 west of London Mills.
22) IL-8 east of I-74 at Pottstown.
23) US-150 in Knoxville closed.
24) US-136 east of Macomb.
26) Farmington Rd @ Kickapoo Creek
27) IL-17 at Spoon River
28) US-34 @ IL-94
29) Alta Ln @ Allen Rd
30) IL-29 south of Henry
31) IL-89 Putnam Cnty south of the Illinois River
32) US-24 @ Adams @ Adams/McKinley ave in Bartonville

DISTRICT 5 (East-Central IL)

1) US-136 from CHA-1200 E to I-57
2) IL-130 from US-36 to US-150.

DISTRICT 6  (West-Central IL)
US 24/Memorial Bridge at Quincy – closed due to high waters, traffic detoured to Bayview Bridge.
D-6 Update -- Due to rain north of Pike County and the already high river levels on the Mississippi River, US 54 in Pike County Illinois, at the Champ Clark Bridge is expected to be closed on Saturday, April 20th at noon, due to high waters. 

1. IL-101 in Brooklyn.
2. IL 336 at McDonough-Hancock line
 No other Roads closed due to flooding, but many reports of water on pavement.

DISTRICT 7 (South-Central IL)

2) RT-32 north of Windsor
3) IL-128 north of Shelbyville.
DISTRICT 8 (Southwestern IL plus MetroEast STL) 
1) IL-158 @ Loop Creek between IL-161 and IL-177.
3) I-64 EB Ramp to I-255 SB closed due to flooding.
5) NB and SB IL-13 from IL-157 to Eiler Rd.
6) Old IL-127 south of I-70 in Greenville
7) RT-13 closed between IL-157 and Bush Blvd
8) NB and SB IL-127 at I-70 closed.
9) EB and WB US-50 from IL-4 to Summerfield Road.

10) IL-177 from Radio Range Road to 6th street.

11) Marine/St. Jacobs Road between Hickory Flat Road and Lake Road.

13) NB and SB IL-4 from Midgley Neiss Road to 2 miles north of US-50.

15) IL-156 from Kaiser Road to Probst Road.

St. Louis Downtown Heliport (MO7) in St. Louis, MO
Expected to lose land access due to expected high Mississippi River levels sometime Saturday evening due to water over the gangway.  Water is forecast to be over the gangway for 7-10 days.  During that time, we will NOTAM (Notice To Airman) the heliport closed to all but emergency traffic.  (Emergency response forces could still get on and off the heliport by boat.)

No significant issues in St. Clair County transit at this time.
DISTRICT 9 (Southern IL) - No reports of roads closed at this time

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