CHICAGO-State and federal lawmakers and local officials came together at a press conference today about concerns with rising noise levels from O’Hare International Airport.

The FAiR Coalition is a group of local organizations pursuing solutions to a mounting number of complaints from residents unhappy with a major increase in airport-related noise. They attended the press conference with officials today to call for action on these complaints, numbering 350,000 in March 2015 alone. House Joint Resolution 83, passed by both chambers of the General Assembly this spring, urges the City of Chicago to meet with the FAiR Coalition, federal officials and citizens to discuss solutions.

“Residents of DuPage and Cook counties have legitimate complaints. There continues to be a definite negative impact on the quality of life for the residents of these communities,” said Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park). “We need to take action to find a long-term solution to alleviate these communities from unnecessary disturbances.”

The noise issues stem from a dramatic shift in air traffic capacity from diagonal runways to east-west runways. The resolution calls for timely and open communication about hearings in areas surrounding the airport and a halt to runway expansion until public input is complete.

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