TCullState Senator Tom Cullerton met with Lt. Governor Sheila SImon on Jan. 29 as part of the newly formed Firearms Working Group. 

“I look forward to working with this group and everyone involved towards a bipartisan solution to allow concealed carry,” said Cullerton.

The working group is comprised of new members of the Illinois General Assembly. The group plans to meet with hunters, law enforcement, mental health experts and crime victims to discuss concealed carry along with other gun issues. It is a bipartisan and diverse group, representing urban, suburban and rural districts.

Illinois is the only state with a law banning concealed carry. However, in December that law was declared unconstitutional. Now lawmakers face a court-ordered 180 deadline for coming up with a concealed carry law.

Cullerton said he appreciates both sides of the debate and hopes a responsible compromise can be found.

“As a parent, I understand the need to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people, especially those who could harm children,” said Cullerton.