SPRINGFIELD- State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) voted today to protect the municipalities in the 23rd Senate District from deep cuts in state funding.

Governor Rauner proposed a devastating 50 percent reduction to country and city governments’ funding. Cullerton helped defeat this proposal.

“Our local units of government rely on this funding,” said Cullerton. “They are expected to provide services ranging from police and fire to keep our neighborhoods safe to fixing the pothole down the street. I understand as the former Villa Park mayor that cuts to funding either means mass layoffs of police and fire or drastic hikes in property taxes in our communities.”

Governor Rauner’s cuts to local government funds would result in a $26 million drop in funding to municipalities in the 23rd Senate District.

Here are a few examples to illustrate the loss in funding:


 “I don’t understand how Governor Rauner expects our municipalities to serve our communities without the necessary resources to provide services and keep property bills down,” said Cullerton.

The Senate voted to save this funding to ensure municipalities are able to effectively provide services to our communities as well as preventing property taxes from rising.