041615CM0513VILLA PARK-  State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) released the following statement in response to the House's failure to pass House Bill 3593:

"I’m greatly disappointed in the House’s inability to pass reform measures to address the exploitation of taxpayer dollars at the College of DuPage. On a weekly basis, we continue to uncover additional scandals and reports of abuse at our state’s community colleges.  

The House had the chance to address this issue and send this much needed reform to the Governor’s desk. However, they were unable to tackle this issue head on.

Every day, we wait to address the abuse of taxpayer dollars, is another day we risk the misuse of funds. I will continue to work with Senator Cunningham and the Senate’s Committee to address the need to reform executive compensation to prevent similar instances from occurring again.

As your State Senator, my number one priority is to ensure taxpayer funds are spent responsibly and effectively. I will always fight to ensure we protect working class families in our community and keep college affordable for our children."

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