051915 js 0211.resizeVILLA PARK- State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) is making a move to end the General Assembly retirement system.

Cullerton introduced Senate Bill 1404 which would mean the General Assembly Retirement System (GARS) would no longer accept new legislators.

“It’s important for legislators to lead by example,” Cullerton said. “Going into the Senate, I knew we had a pension problem on hand.  I opted out of the General Assembly Retirement System because I didn’t want to magnify the pension crisis.”

Cullerton is one of at least 20 active legislators who will not collect a pension from GARS.  

“I’m in Springfield to do the work of the people of the 23rd District,” Cullerton said. “I didn’t run for office for the lavish perks but to make a difference and be a strong voice for our communities.”

Last week, Cullerton voted no on Senate Bill 11, a pension reform plan that failed in the Senate.  He doesn’t support unconstitutional pension changes that would suddenly alter existing retiree plans.

“I cannot support pension reform that recants on the promises the state made to retirees,” Cullerton said. “We can’t afford to tax away seniors’ opportunities to live independently.”

Senate Bill 1404 is awaiting a hearing in the Senate.