IMG 0804ADDISON- State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) wrapped up his series of property tax appeal seminars throughout DuPage County.

Cullerton hosted workshops with local Township Assessors in Addison, Bloomingdale and York townships earlier this month.

“This one-hour workshop gives DuPage residents insight into the property tax appeal process,” Cullerton said. “Education is key.  The more we do to educate people on how property tax appeals and calculations work, the easier they will be able to find savings.”

Cullerton and Addison Assessor Chris Kain hosted a well-attended seminar on Monday night at the Addison Public Library to guide area residents through the property tax appeal process.

“Anytime taxpayers are given an opportunity to learn more about the property tax appeal process, it is a productive day,” Kain said. “This was a wonderful opportunity for Senator Cullerton and myself to communicate and engage with local residents in an open dialogue that will ultimately lead to a better understanding of the appeal process.”

Cullerton looks forward to these annual workshops to give DuPage residents an opportunity to find savings in their property tax bills.

“I urge area residents to reach out to our office and local township assessors with any questions,” Cullerton said. “We are here to help you take advantage of all necessary tools to find savings in your property tax bills.”

Cullerton encourages residents to call his Villa Park office at (630) 903-6662 if they need help getting in contact with their local township assessors.