05032017AM5839VILLA PARK – A new Illinois law sponsored by State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) will put a stop to golden parachutes for disgraced public employees.

Cullerton’s Senate Bill 3604 was signed into law Tuesday by the governor, eliminating severance packages for employees that have been fired for misconduct and limiting government-paid severance packages to an amount no greater than 20 weeks of compensation.

“This is a commonsense reform that protects the public from bailing out corrupt actors,” Cullerton said. “It is plain and simple: If you betray the trust of DuPage County taxpayers, you will not be rewarded with taxpayer money. Handing out golden parachutes to discredited public officials is theft and this law will put a stop to it.”

The law was brought forward by Cullerton in partnership with the Better Government Association as part of their ongoing effort to fight the misuse of taxpayer dollars.

"Illinois officials took a big step forward by turning the Government Severance Pay Act into law,” said David Greising, the BGA's President and CEO. “Taxpayers now can rest assured they won't be paying for exorbitant golden parachutes to make public executives go away. This law begins the process of restoring taxpayer trust in Illinois and the Better Government Association is proud to have been the catalyst, with Senator Cullerton, for a law that ensures better stewardship of the public's money."

Government officials are frequently advised to grant rich severances in an attempt to head off employment litigation, so the bill is aimed at counteracting that trend, Cullerton said.

“The Government Severance Pay Act will set a clean, clear path that will eliminate those decisions for elected officials,” Cullerton said. “Now is the time to get control of these huge buyouts and use good, taxpayer-focused judgement.”

Similar policies are in place in Florida and other states, said Cullerton, who continues to call for tougher regulations to stop state universities and community colleges from buying out administrators that are under investigation or found guilty of mismanagement.

This is another step in his mission to put an end to this wasteful practice.

“Our state cannot afford to waste a single penny, especially to help folks who treat taxpayers like their own personal piggy bank,” Cullerton said.

Senate Bill 3604 passed the Senate and House with unanimous support and goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2019.

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