NewGovSignedState Senator Tom Cullerton’s proposal to reduce government in DuPage County was signed into law today. This new law gives the DuPage County Board the ability to consolidate smaller levels of local government.

"An overly complicated and unnecessary web of local and county services helps no one,” Cullerton said. “By streamlining government services we will reduce the cost to taxpayers and improve the quality of those services.”

The new law allows the DuPage County Board to absorb, combine or dissolve redundant positions in local governments. The law is aimed at reducing the cost to taxpayers and creates a more efficient local government.

Voters will have the option of petitioning against any of the board’s cuts or consolidations.

This legislation follows a DuPage County review of overlapping, redundant county services and agencies. The review found smaller units of government that provide sanitary, mosquito abatement and street lighting services have cost taxpayers an estimated $300 million.

Under previous law, the county had only limited authority to consolidate agencies. Cullerton’s legislation gives DuPage County additional powers to increase efficiency.

“DuPage County will be an example of effective and efficient government," Cullerton said.