TC-SchoolGangsSchool officials would be required by state law to report any weapons or gang activity to police, under legislation sponsored by state Sen. Tom Cullerton that the Illinois Senate approved Thursday.

“We cannot ignore signs of gang activity in schools,” said Cullerton, a Villa Park Democrat.  “We must protect our students by doing everything possible to keep them away from these influences.”

The legislation – HB 2768 – was approved 50 to 0. It now heads to Governor Pat Quinn’s desk and could soon be signed into law.

Current law requires that school administrators report to law enforcement if the safety of students and teachers is threatened by illegal drugs and alcohol. Cullerton’s proposal expands that to gang activity and weapons.

“Recently we have been seeing more gang related incidents in our schools,” Cullerton said.  “As leaders, we must ensure schools are gang-free zones for a more successful and safer learning environment for our children.”