ParksExpansionSignSuburban park districts now have increased authority to use surplus funds, increasing governmental efficiency. The budget flexibility legislation sponsored by State Senator Tom Cullerton was signed into law today.

The new law gives park boards the ability to adjust their budget plans if they receive new, unanticipated funds during the fiscal year.

“This added flexibility will help park districts better serve their communities by streamlining the budgeting process,” Cullerton said. “Improving government efficiency and effectiveness has been one of my top priorities.”

Park districts approve their annual operating budget at the beginning of every fiscal year. Unanticipated r

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NewGovSignedState Senator Tom Cullerton’s proposal to reduce government in DuPage County was signed into law today. This new law gives the DuPage County Board the ability to consolidate smaller levels of local government.

"An overly complicated and unnecessary web of local and county services helps no one,” Cullerton said. “By streamlining government services we will reduce the cost to taxpayers and improve the quality of those services.”

The new law allows the DuPage County Board to absorb, combine or dissolve redundant positions in local governments. The law is aimed at reducing the cost to taxpayers and creates a more efficient local government.

Voters will have the option of petitioning against any of the board’s cuts or consolidations.

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TC-SchoolGangA new program requiring school officials to report any weapons or gang activity to police was signed into law today. The new law was sponsored by State Senator Tom Cullerton.

“We cannot ignore signs of gang activity in our schools,” Cullerton said. “We must do everything possible to keep the influences of gangs away from children, especially while at school.”

Prior to this program, the law only required school administrators to notify law enforcement if the safety of students and teachers is threatened by illegal drugs and alcohol. Cullerton’s proposal expands that to gang activity and weapons.

“This law helps ensure schools are gang-free zones and create a more successful and safer learning environment for our children,” Cullerton said.

TC-GunVetoGovernor Pat Quinn vetoed the Senate and House approved concealed carry legislation, today.

“I am disappointed—but not surprised—Governor Quinn waited so long to veto concealed carry while he tried to score political points,” State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) said.

“Even though he has put lawmakers in a difficult position, I am optimistic that we will be able to override his veto and finally get a law on the books.”

The legislation, House Bill 183, now returns to the House to accept or override the governor’s veto. A simple majority is required to accept the changes in the governor’s amendatory veto, and a three-fifths majority to override. The Senate would then need to concur—or agree—with the House’s action.

Petition: Do Not Tax Retirement Income

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