PHOTO Tom Cullerton works to spread DuPage success throughout Illinois4.13.16SPRINGFIELD- Currently there are more than 2 million Illinoisans who are eligible to vote, but aren’t registered.

To alleviate this problem, State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) sponsored Senate Bill 250, which would automatically register eligible citizens when they renew their drivers’ license or state ID.

“Streamlining this process will save the state money, remove duplicate voter records and engage more people in the democratic process,” Cullerton said. “It’s our duty to make sure Illinois residents are given the opportunity to exercise their fundamental rights.”

Governor Rauner vetoed this legislation in August.

Under current law, eligible citizens are allowed to register when they renew their license or state ID. Senate Bill 250 would change the rule from an “opt-in” system where citizens have to actively register to “opt-out” where they can choose to not register to vote.

States that have already modernized their systems, like Alaska, Delaware and Oregon, have found that the modernization makes voter rolls more accurate and current. These changes make the system easier to maintain and cut down on redundancies and inaccuracies. Voter registration information is updated regularly and cross referenced with other state databases.

“Illinois needs to modernize its systems,” Cullerton said. “Generations of Americans have fought hard for their right to vote.  It is important that we honor their sacrifices by making voting as easy as possible.”

In 2012, the Pew Center found that more than 1.8 million deceased individuals are listed as voters. Modernizing the registration system would help remove them from voter records.

Estimates show the annual county-level costs throughout the country for voter registration are at least $1 billion, or about one-third of the total county-level cost of administering elections.

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TCtransformillinoisVILLA PARK—Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) was recently honored for his work this last session in creating a more transparent and efficient government.

Cullerton was honored by Transform Illinois for making local governments more responsive to their communities. Transform Illinois is a statewide collaborative of elected officials and civic and research organizations dedicated to supporting more efficient local governments.

“By making local governments more efficient, we also our making our local governments more responsive to their constituencies,” said Cullerton. “It has been a top goal of mine since joining the state senate and I am proud of the good work we have done this year.”

Senator Cullerton sponsored legislation that would require county boards to develop reports of bodies of local governments that could be consolidated.

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081915CM0995RTrsVILLA PARK—On Wednesday, State Senator Tom Cullerton (D-Villa Park) emphasized the importance of learning from past mistakes in regards to the results of the College of DuPage audit.

“Though I am not surprised by what the audit reveals in terms of past mistakes with regards to College of DuPage, I am hopeful that with the new leadership in place the community college will remain the top-tier educational institution it has always been,” Tom Cullerton said. “We have implemented multiple reforms at the state level and President Rondeau and the current Board of Trustees have shown a commitment to reforming the failed practices of the past.”

Senator Cullerton sponsored legislation that would curb administrative bloat that led to scandals. The legislation included not allowing college administrators to abuse the pension system by claiming perks like a housing allowance as pensionable income.

“With the steps we took during the spring legislative session and the results of this audit, the College of DuPage can protect its students and the taxpayers from the past mistakes ever happening again,” Cullerton said.

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TCFarmBureauVilla Park — The DuPage County Farm Bureau recently presented Senator Tom Cullerton with its Friend of Agriculture Award. This award is given to people in public life with strong records of support for agriculture in Illinois.

“I am honored to receive this honor from the DuPage County Farm Bureau,” Cullerton said of the award. “Agriculture is a very important part of our state’s history and identity. I support farms in DuPage County and throughout the state, because the health of Illinois is strongly linked to the health of the agriculture industry.”

“We were proud to present Tom Cullerton with this year’s Friend of Agriculture award,” said DuPage County Farm Bureau President William Pauling. “He has consistently taken votes to foster an economy that works for all Illinoisans and honors our state’s agricultural heritage.”

Agriculture continues to be a crucial part of Illinois’ economy. Illinois is home to more than 75,000 farm operators and 27 million acres of farmland. Each year, marketing of Illinois’ agricultural commodities generates more than $19 billion.

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